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Members' Stories
Here we share with you some of our members' own family stories. Please click on the link and a pdf file will offer itself for download onto your computer where you can read or save for later. Enjoy.
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1Ada BrownAda BROWNLiz Shea
2Alfred HockeyAlfred Francis HOCKEYLiz Shea
3Chamberlain FamilyCHAMBERLAIN FamilyCarol Johnston
4Ada BrownClearing the Last HurdleCarol Bell
5Daniel FergussonDaniel FERGUSSONTim Brosnahan
6Effie O'HareEffie O'HARELois Shears
8Elizabeth WILKINSONElizabeth WILKINSONTeresa Scott
9Emanuel-Victor-HOCKEYEmanuel Victor HOCKEYLiz Shea
10Emma-YOUNGEmma YOUNGRobyn Davidson
11Fanny-PARKER-suffragetteFanny PARKER, SuffragetteTeresa Scott, Researched
12Hannah-GRAYBURNHannah GRAYBURNJan Cameron
13Harriet-Elizabeth-PASSMOREHarriet Elizabeth PASSMORE
14Helen-Miller-ELLIOTHelen Miller ELLIOTTeresa Scott
15Henry-Amos-Frederick-HILLHenry Amos Frederick HILLLiz Shea
16Honora-CONNELL-O'CONNELLHonora CONNELL-O'CONNELLTeresa Scott, Researched
17Hyde-Rail-DisasterHyde Rail DisasterCarol Bell
18Jessie Mercer (ABERNETHY) WILKINSONJessie Mercer (ABERNETHY) WILKINSONTeresa Scott
19Joan-Couper-HORWELLJoan Couper HORWELL
20John-and-Hanorah-BROSNAHANJohn and Hanorah BROSNAHANTim Brosnahan
22Lucy-Riley-GRANTLucy Riley GRANTJill Welford
23Mahala-JOHNSONMahala-JOHNSONJanette Clarke
24Margaret-MORGANMargaret MORGANLois Shears
25Mary-AKERMary-AKERLois Shears
26Mary-Ann-(COMBS)-HOWELLMary Ann (COMBS) HOWELLTeresa Scott
27Mary-SIDESMary SIDESRobyn King
28Hannah PREECEHannah PREECERobyn King
29Mary-SULLIVANMary SULLIVANMaree Bowen (dec)
30Reginald-BROWNReginald BROWNLiz Shea
31Remembering-TommyRemembering TommyCarol Bell
32Richard-and-Mary-HOARERichard and Mary HOARETim Brosnahan
33Robert-IRVINGRobert IRVINGLois Shears
34The Day the Queen CameThe Day the Queen CameCarol Bell
35William-HOPKINSONWilliam HOPKINSONTim Brosnahan
Other Events
May 2022 meeting: St Mary's Church. Members were shown around St Mary's by Murray Gibson. 
  • Church Organ
    Church Organ
  • Flag on display
    Flag on display
  • Group learn about St
    Group learn about St
  • In Memory of George & Nellie Rhodes
    In Memory of George & Nellie Rhodes
  • Inside St Mary's
    Inside St Mary's
  • Murray advises group members
    Murray advises group members
  • Pulpit
Soldiers Headstones: Members work on headstones in conjunction with the Remembrance Army
  • Browne and wife before paint
    Browne and wife before paint
  • CW Browne Grave
    CW Browne Grave
  • Jill Pearce
    Jill Pearce
  • Liz Shea
    Liz Shea
Members visit the St George's Coptic Church in October 2022
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    IMG 9918
  • IMG 9919
    IMG 9919
  • IMG 9921
    IMG 9921
  • IMG 9922
    IMG 9922
  • IMG 9923
    IMG 9923
  • IMG 9924
    IMG 9924
  • IMG 9925
    IMG 9925
  • IMG 9926
    IMG 9926
  • IMG 9927
    IMG 9927
  • IMG 9928
    IMG 9928
  • IMG 9929
    IMG 9929
  • IMG 9931
    IMG 9931

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